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 About SEAN Guitar

Founded in 2014 as Saeantech For the past time, we have been researching custom guitars and critical parts.

Based on the experience and technology accumulated through professional custom production experience, We have been conducting mass-production sales in earnest from 2021.


​ The Sean brand designs the newly released models. As a result, experienced players can use it comfortably in various environments.

​ Six types of designs that combine ergonomics and materials engineering consist of 40 products.


 With core parts recognized around the world and high-quality Korean technology, Even as a professional performer in the global market, It is manufactured as a product at a competitive price.

 Details of SEAN

Carbon Fiber Reinfocement Rod

For a stable neck condition Carbon fiber on both sides of the truss rod A reinforced core was added.

Luminous Side Dot

Comfortable identification even in dim lighting to the side of the fingerboard as possible 

we put a luminous inlay.

Stainless Steel Fret

With high durability against corrosion and abrasion Stainless steel frets are used.


Due to the characteristics of wooden instruments, all deformations and problems

It's hard to predict.

If you have a problem using an instrument,
Please contact us at the email address below and we will reply.







​ Inquiries:

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